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Whether you are finally getting started on your New Year’s Resolution, it’s due to the doctor’s orders, or you just feel like making a change in your life, you decided you want to live a healthier lifestyle. A healthier lifestyle requires not just physical strength, but mental strength as well. You are going to want to start small to change your habits. You can’t change overnight. There will have to be small changes to your exercise and eating habits.


Forcing yourself to go to the gym every day is not a reasonable way to start your change. You will want to add one or two days onto your normal exercise routine. You need to find the right activities you enjoy best. If you choose to do exercises you hate, you are more likely to lose your commitment. Find something you love to do or something you can learn to love. Running might not be the right thing for you, try out a boxing class or weight training. The more exercises you try, the easier it will be to find something you like. 


The next change to make might just be the most important. You have to choose a reasonable eating plan to reach your goals. You should never forbid yourself from eating anything just because it is higher in calories or its deemed to be unhealthy. Limiting the consumption of these foods is a better way to make sure you can stick to your goals of eating healthier. Treating yourself every now and then is not a bad thing. 


Adding healthier foods into your diet will help lead you to your healthier lifestyle. You want to make sure you eat foods high in protein, vegetables, and whole grains. These foods will help curb your hunger and keep you feeling full longer. Sometimes counting calories work for people and can be a helpful technique if you want to remain in a calorie deficit. If that is not your main goal, just seek out fresh foods and cook most of your meals. 


When you are grocery shopping, make sure you are prepared with a list. Plan your meals ahead of time so you have a plan going into the grocery store and the week. Having a clear plan will negate you eating out and help save money as well. If you don’t feel like preparing your meal every night after work, you can meal prep. Have everything prepared on Sunday and stick meals in the freezer or fridge. When you are ready to eat, heat up the meal you choose. 


Changing your lifestyle isn’t going to be an instant change. It’s an uphill battle and you are going to want to start out slow. Don’t rush the process by taking shortcuts. It will shock your system and though you may see some short-term results, you might not be able to reach your long-term goals.