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When you have an active lifestyle, it is important to focus on getting the proper rest. You want to make sure that your body has the chance to recover. If you want to see success in your workouts, you need to understand how rest can impact the progress being made. There are two very important times to rest.


During Exercise

Though it sounds odd, while you are in the gym you should take the time to rest. During exercise it is important to rest between your sets and exercises. For endurance training you should rest for shorter periods. 10-to-30 second rests in between your workouts are recommended during your training. When you are working on strength, it is recommended that you take a few minutes to recover from a heavy set. These breaks will allow your body to recuperate after exhausting their supply and will in turn give you more energy for your following sets or run. If you don’t take breaks, you could compromise your form which could in turn lead to injury.


Take Days Off and Sleep

Taking breaks between workouts are crucial. Muscles need 48 to 72 hours to repair themselves after a strength training session. It depends on the intensity of the workout you perform. It is typical for people to focus on one muscle group per gym session. If you don’t rest after the workout, you may not see progress in strength. Cardio workouts require less time of recovery and if you fuel your body properly, you could run consecutive days.


Sleep is a huge factor when it comes to the recovery process. Giving your body the chance to shut down gives it the chance to repair the torn muscle tissue and hormone levels during your sleep cycle. If you are looking to gain muscle, sleep allows protein synthesis to happen at a much higher rate. Eating a protein-packed meal before bed can also help increase your muscle gain.


Overtraining can actually impact your performance negatively. If you refrain from resting, it could lead to injury. If your muscles don’t get the chance to recover they could wear down and not be prepared for your next workout. It can lead to overall tiredness and create a lack of motivation. If you want to reach your goals physically, you need to give your body the rest it needs.