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Not only are macronutrients a part of maintaining the proper nutrition but you also need to add micronutrients into your diet. Micronutrients, according to The World Health Organization, give the body the ability to produce enzymes, hormones, and other substances that are essential for proper growth and development. 



Iron helps oxygen get transported throughout the body. People who have an iron deficiency, typically, have a lower immune system and are more likely to be anemic. The best sources for iron are red meats, chicken, fish, grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and eggs. 


Vitamin A

This vitamin is important for the immune system, important for vision, and is essential for the skin and growth in children. This micronutrient can be found in liver, oily fish, milk, egg yolk, and cheese. 



Found in fish, seafood, seaweed, small quantities of dairy foods, vegetables, meat, and bread, Iodine is a necessity for the body. Without it, our thyroid hormones will be thrown off which controls the body’s metabolism. It is also responsible for brain and bone development during pregnancy and infancy. 


Vitamin C

To keep healthy gums, teeth, and bones you want to ensure you are intaking Vitamin C rich foods. This helps heal wounds, your body resists infections, the absorption of iron, and forming collagen to build bones and blood vessels. You can find Vitamin C in colorful fruits and vegetables.



Calcium helps build and maintain bones, clot the blood, contract muscles, and regulate blood pressure. The best source of Calcium can be found in dairy. Other sources of Calcium include nondairy milks, sesame seeds, nuts, prawns, sardines, and dark green vegetables.  


It is essential for our body’s health to eat foods that include these macro and micronutrients. Healthy diets can look different depending on who the person is but they typically include plant-based food and whole unprocessed foods. Fueling your body with the proper nutrition can lead to a better, energized day as well as a healthier life. While you are properly fueling your body with the right foods, don’t forget the importance of hydrating throughout the day as well. We lose water through activities like breathing and sweating and need to replenish our bodies.