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After working 40 hours or more during the week, you may find it to be a struggle to get some exercise in. It may seem impossible with a busy schedule to make it to the gym. After work, you may have kids to take care of or other responsibilities but there are always ways to implement a workout into your schedule


Take a fitness class

This may sound weird adding yet another thing into your schedule but taking a fitness class can help avoid the time wasted wandering around the gym. A lot of time is wasted on looking for the next machine you want to work out on or even switching between machines and exercises. A class usually only lasts around 45 minutes and can be great full-body workouts.



Let’s kill two birds with one stone here. You can make your chore a workout as well. Squat with every push of the vacuum, vigorously scrub the bathroom floor, or just add reps of lunges or jumping jacks between each cleaning. You can easily get your heart rate up while checking off one of your many chores to do. 



This is a great workout for someone who may not have time to do a regular workout. You don’t need equipment and it can be done anywhere. Instead of parking in the spot right in front of your building, park further away. Or if you take the bus, subway, or train, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. During the workday, there are still many opportunities to get some walking in. If you need to ask a question or discuss a project, walk over to your coworker’s desk instead of emailing or instant messaging them. You should also try and take phone calls instead of texting or emailing so during the call you can get up and walk around.


Get off the couch

After a long day in the office, you may want to come home and destress. For many, that means sitting down on the couch and catching up on shows you missed or reading a book. Get active even during your downtime. During commercials or between chapters, do exercises. There are many at-home exercises that can be implemented into this time.


Don’t let a busy lifestyle hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. If you can find just moments throughout your day where you can implement an exercise, take the opportunity. Doing something, even if it’s small, is still better than doing nothing at all.