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Those of us who aim to exercise regularly understand the importance of maintaining a consistent schedule. Mentally, it is easier to incorporate physical activity into your life when it’s part of your everyday routine. When we’re required to travel for work or we decide to take that much-needed vacation, it can wreak havoc on our progress. 

Luckily, there are easy steps we can take (literally!) to help us keep exercise a priority during travels. 

Walk When You Can

Regardless of where we are in the world, we’re constantly faced with choices. Do I take the stairs or the elevator? Should I walk 5 blocks to my next destination or take a taxi? Would I rather pace around the room or sit in a chair?

When we’re traveling, it’s important to actively remind ourselves that the small activities we do throughout the day add up. This is especially true for days when most of our time is spent sitting in a car or a plane. 

Utilize Hotel Amenities

Many hotels cater to their visitors’ fitness needs by providing options for an in-house workout. Whether it’s a traditional gym or a pool, there is likely some way to workout in your hotel during your stay. 

Even if there is no designated workout area, don’t be afraid to get creative! Use the stairs for a high-intensity climbing workout, or simply explore the area around your hotel grounds. Many people who travel for pleasure decide to stay in an airbnb instead of a hotel. If this is the case, remember that you can always do an at-home workout using your own body weight. 

Make Exercise Part of Your Travel Itinerary

When you have a solid workout plan before you leave for vacation, it’s easier to convince yourself to stick to that plan. 

This also means you’ll need to pack accordingly. If you won’t have access to laundry services, you should make sure to pack workout gear for every day of your trip. Don’t forget your sneakers! And I’d also recommend bringing a plastic garbage bag so you can keep your dirty workout clothes separate from the rest of your luggage. 

Find Fitness Classes Nearby

One of the best ways to hold yourself accountable for a workout is by committing to a group session. Before your trip, scope out some local fitness classes and ask about attending for the duration of your stay. 

Although you may find a familiar class, I’d also encourage you to expand your horizons and try something new! For example, TRX classes, hot yoga and spin classes are all popular options that may not be regularly available to you. 

Don’t Slack on Your Diet

Committing to an exercise schedule during your travels is a great step, but it’s only half the battle. Remember that calories still count when you’re on vacation or a business trip. 

This is another situation where planning can help you stay on track. Plan a few cheat meals so you can enjoy yourself without feeling guilty or completely undoing your last workout.