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Dr. John Webb


Meet John Webb, MD

Myrtle Beach-based healthcare professional currently living in Boston. 

Dr. John Webb is a compassionate and driven healthcare professional who is committed to expanding our current knowledge of healthcare to better serve and heal patients across the board through research.

Looking into the future of healthcare and medicine, Dr. John Webb knows that the only way forward is through research. In the grand context of medicine, without research, we’d still be bloodletting and using leeches to cure diseases. As a result, diseases that used to be fatal or life-threatening are now better managed and controlled through the help of modern-day medicine.

While in college, Dr. Webb first started conducting research studies and, while attending medical school, he started to get involved in more and different types of research. Currently, he’s involved in several studies concerning weight loss, fitness, and the long-term benefits of testosterone replacement therapy in men. Fitness is an important interest of John’s due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and creating a more mindfullness outlook.

Dr. Webb also looks forward to a future where medicine is much more patient-centric and centralized. Rather than seeing different specialists and being passed from one physician to another, he envisions patients being treated by a team of doctors, all working to make sure each patient is holistically cared for. He also hopes for more advancements in biotechnology to get us to a place where patients can give a saliva sample to determine which medications and treatments will offer the most promise for each individual.

Within his career, Dr. John Webb is also a member of several different Medical Societies and Business Associations alike. These Societies include the American College of Physicians, the American College of Preventive Medicine, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, the American Urology Society, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America, and the International Andrology Society. On the Business and Management side, John belongs to the American Medical Group Association, the American College of Healthcare Physicians, and the American Association of Physician Leaders.

Throughout his academic career, Dr. John Webb has gained experience and earned degrees in a number of different fields. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree at Regents College in 2001, soon after which he achieved his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Sherman Chiropractic College. In 2009, he returned to school at Davenport University where he earned his MBA. Then, Dr. Webb attended Ross University School of Medicine where he completed his Doctor of Medicine Degree. He is currently attending graduate school at Harvard University where he’s working towards his Master’s in Biotechnology, set to graduate in May of 2020. He’s also working under Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, MD, at Harvard University where he’s working as a Research Fellow in Andrology.

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